Stories of Summer 2021

We know a lot of holiday services are just now transforming back to term time cover and we want to share your great work in making happy summer of 2021 memories for the children and families you support. It has been fun seeing social media posts of happy children playing out and learning new skills. Please send stories, photos, wee films, of your summer activities to us so we can create a webpage to share this great practice! Send to or to Andrew at

Late August is a big time of transitions for services, children and families, with little ones starting P1, to your older children off to start secondary school, and with lots of new relationships to make and maintain across the sector. Despite some grey skies, summer is not yet over, and we hope for every service that you will be able to continue to make the best use you can of outdoor space, that numbers of places fill up again for your much needed sustainability, and that everyone got a break for themselves too!

We continue to raise all the important issues facing the sector with the Scottish Government and the dedicated school age childcare team. We know staffing, premises and financial viability are historical and current challenges and still having to deal with the risk assessments and extra work needed to keep everyone safe from the virus.

For the new term we have lots of plans, so watch this space! In the meantime send us your stories and lets preserve those happy memories!

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last updated: 19/08/2021