Coronavirus Covid-19 Information Update Monday 2nd March 2020

As of today's date, the number of cases worldwide continues to grow and there has been various guidance issued and a lot of coverage in the media about potential shutdowns of schools and businesses etc. None of which has happened in Scotland.

It is important to get the right facts and continue or increase the use of your hygiene measures, the simplest of which is always using proper handwashing techniques at the right times. Everyone should be using and disposing of tissues carefully, cleaning of surfaces, handles etc, in premises should continue to a high standard, and there are specific steps to follow if a child or staff member becomes ill.

Full information can be found here from NHS Scotland:

People are also understandably worried about their employment should they have to put themselves in quarantine, even if not obviously unwell, if directed to do so by relevant health authorities. At SOSCN our view this should be treated as you would normal sick leave, but we understand this is complicated, therefore ACAS has issued the following guide for employers and employees alike.

We expect that both sets of guidance above will be updated from time to time to it is worth checking back to keep yourself informed. For general information and updates:

last updated: 02/03/2020