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Activity & Wellbeing Training

The Scottish out of School Care Network is currently offering 'Activity & Wellbeing; First Steps' training to out of school care services. This training offers the chance for staff to refresh or learn new approaches to enhancing activity, wellbeing and play within their service. The training looks at barriers to physical activity, how these can be overcome and the importance of being active for supporting the healthy development of children.

Services attending will be shown activities from the British Heart Foundation Active Pack and Set4Sport resource which can be used actively in your service. Both resources have been designed to be delivered with limited equipment and no prior knowledge or expertise in delivering physically activity. The trainer will support participants by talking them through the packs and demonstrating some of the activities (second hour).

The training will last for a total of 2 hours and will consist of an hour-long information session. During this hour the trainer will get to know participants and assist participants with overcoming any barriers they may be currently having within their services.

During the activity hour physical activity participants will be required to take part in games of moderate intensity. The venue therefore must be able to accommodate for this. Participants do not need any prior experience or skills as the activities are low impact and suitable for different ages and levels of fitness, all equipment will be supplied. Participants are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear for the session.

At the conclusion of the session staff members and managers will be encouraged to book and attend the 'Activity & Wellbeing - Next Steps' session. The next steps session offers participants more in-depth suggestions and resources to use within their service. The same staff members do not have to attend the next steps training, but it is encouraged to allow staff members to benefit from both sessions. In order for services to benefit from the resources and content it would be advisable for staff members to discuss the content from the training with colleagues.


Interested services can email for booking slots and enquires. Training is available to be delivered during the evening and over weekends.

Services can link in with others services in their area to increase the participant numbers.


From £250


The trainer will email certificates to all participants via the service managers.

last updated: 29/11/2023