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1.2 Membership Terms and Conditions

1.21 We will not send you any unwanted email messages or spam mail.

1.22 I agree to pay the sum of one pound (£1.00) should SOSCN be dissolved.

1.23 I am aged 16 or over and agree to support the aims and objectives of SOSCN and membership conditions as set out in the appendix.

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1.27 Your passwords will be encrypted before storage and the webmaster will have no way of deciphering your password. Any requests for passwords cannot therefore be met and users will be requested to set a new password by email link sent to their registered email.

1.28 The Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN) reserves the right to immediately remove and permanently bar any organisation or individual from having membership of SOSCN should it be known to SOSCN that such persons or organisations do not uphold the values and principles of SOSCN, in particular those relating to the care, protection and rights of children and young people.

Any changes made to our terms will be published here in future.

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Appendix: Extracts from Memorandum and Articles (January 2014)

Membership Terms and Conditions:

By signing up to our membership free online you are agreeing to the Memorandum and Articles, aims and objectives of the Scottish Out of School Care Network and conditions of membership:

1. The objects of the Network shall be:

(i) (a) To promote the care and education of children in need of care during out of school hours and school holidays and to promote the provision of facilities for the creation and other leisure-time occupation of such children, in the interests of social welfare, with the object of improving their conditions of life; and

(b) To advance the education and training of persons providing such care, education and recreational facilities.

Such objects are herein referred to as 'the principle objects of the Network'

In the furtherance of the objects herein before defined but no further or otherwise the Network shall:

(ii) (a) Provide support, encouragement, information and resources to the Community Groups, Voluntary Organisations, Statutory Agencies and others who are running or who are attempting to establish 'Out of School Care' facilities.

(b) Undertake to co-ordinate and promote research to determine what are the most effective and appropriate forms of 'Out of School Care' provision for children.

(c) Assist with the development of appropriate training and qualifications.

(d) Enable workers and community groups, statutory and non statutory agencies and others involved in 'Out of School Care' schemes to share information and experience.

(e) Develop local information and support networks.

(f) Encourage practical co-operation between those organisations involved in 'Day Care' or recreational or educational facilities for children in the out of school hours.

(g) Increase public awareness of the need for 'Out of School Care' services in their area and what can be done to meet that need.

(h) Encourage Local Authorities and other statutory bodies to assess the “Out of School Care” need in their area and to find ways of responding to it.

(i) Promote, encourage and support the need for quality provision for children during “Out of School” hours.

(j) Not discriminate on the grounds of political affiliation, religion, race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

(k) Engage in any other activities which promote the aforesaid objects and are deemed by law to be charitable.

2. The liability of members is limited to £1.

3. Every member of the Network undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Network in the event of its being wound up while he or she is a member or within one year thereafter for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Network contracted before ceasing to be a member and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributors among themselves such amount as may be required not exceeding one pound.

MEMBERSHIP note that 'in writing' here can be read as emailing as per administrative action at the AGM 2013.

4. The number of members with which the Network is registered is unlimited.

5. The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association of the Network and such other persons as shall be admitted to membership in accordance with these Articles shall be members of the Network.

6.1 Membership is open to any individual who is over 16 and any such voluntary organisation (whether incorporated or unincorporated) private companies, community businesses, co-operatives and statutory bodies as support the objects of the Network and apply to become a member.

6.2 An organisation or statutory body applying for membership, and for so long as it remains a member, shall nominate in writing a person to act as a representative in applying for membership and in exercising the rights of membership on its behalf, with full power to such organisation or statutory body at any time to recall the nomination and nominate a new representative. Such nominations may also provide for an alternate nominee to represent the organisation or statutory body when the primary nominee is not available.

7. No employee of the Network may become a member.

8. Board Members shall be entitled at their absolute discretion to refuse to admit any person to membership, notwithstanding that he or she fulfils one or more of the qualifications under article 4.

9. Any person (other than the subscribers to the memorandum of Association of the Network) who wishes to become a member shall lodge with the Network a written application for membership (in such a form Board Members require) signed by him or her.

10. Each application for membership, shall be considered by Board Members at their next meeting.

11. Board Members shall notify each applicant in writing of their decision whether or not to admit their membership within seven days after the meeting at which the applicant is considered and those admitted to membership shall have their names in the books of the Network.

12. The annual subscription for membership shall be such sum as may from time to time be determined by the Network in general meeting. Such determination may further provide for different classes of membership and rates of subscription.

13. Membership of the Network shall automatically terminate:

(a) On the receipt by the Secretary of the written intimation of a member's wish to resign; or

(b) If the member becomes an employee of the Network; or

(c) On the dissolution or death of a member; or

(d) If the member shall have failed to pay any subscription or the monies due within three months after the date on which the same shall have become due for payment, unless otherwise decided by Board Members;

(e) If the member is removed from membership by a resolution of the Board passed by the majority of three-quarters of the votes cast upon such resolution at a meeting specially convened to consider such a resolution.

Extracted from Memorandum and Articles of Association, Scottish Out of School Care Network.

last updated: 29/11/2023