SSSC Codes of Practice Conversation

FREE Online Event - SSSC Codes of Practice Conversation

Wednesday 14th September, 10am-12pm via zoom
Thursday 15th September, 10am-12pm via zoom

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You might already be aware that the SSSC codes of practice are changing- they were last reviewed in 2016 and they are being revised now in order to ensure they are fit for the future.

Before the new Codes are drafted, the SSSC are gathering views and feedback from employers, workers and people with experience of care on what they think of the current Codes, how they are used and what might improve them. Employers and organisations are being encouraged to have conversations with their staff on the Codes and to feed back to the SSSC before 31st October.

It is suggested that conversations are centred around the following three questions:

  1. What do you like about the Codes of Practice?
  2. How could the Codes better support good practice?
  3. How could we make the Codes work better alongside the Health and Social Care Standards?

Although we would encourage services to hold the conversation with staff teams we recognise that time and resource constraints might not allow this, so SOSCN shall be hosting an online conversation event on Wednesday 14th September. NB We will have to limit capacity in order to facilitate the discussion but if the event proves popular and fills up we can host another conversation later in September or at the start of October. If you are unable to get a space but would be interested in attending a later date please let us know.

Further information about the SSSC Codes of Practice review:

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