In-Person Play Training

As new staff enter the school age childcare sector with fresh enthusiasm and new ideas, many of these recruits come into their role without any prior experience of the sector. This session has been created with this in mind, designed to give a fundamental understanding of play to those members of staff and volunteers who may have recently joined the school age childcare sector or who have never accessed training on the subject before.


£50 exc. booking and transaction fees


All training times 10am - 12:30pm. With a break at 11am where tea/coffee will be provided.

Training Overview

In this session, there's three main questions we're going to try and answer

WHY is play important?
  • Children's right to play
  • Biological driver
  • Developmental benefits
WHAT is play?
  • Play types
  • Characteristics of play
  • Play cycle
HOW can we support play?
  • Playwork principles
  • Intervention approaches
  • Play spaces
  • Assessing risk and benefits
  • Observing and reflecting

As members of the school age childcare sector, or what we used to refer to as the out of school care sector, we have a responsibility to advocate for play. To do that effectively, we must strive towards becoming experts in play, as we continue to further professionalise the sector. This session should put you on that path!

Feedback from this session

“I loved the training and thought the presentation was great and delivered well! Good participation also.”

“I was utterly interested in the presentation and the information provided”

“Good layout moving into each section. Good information covered with time for people to share their own thoughts and experiences”

last updated: 06/02/2024