It's good to chat - SSSC Codes of Practice Conversation

We have previously highlighted that the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) are now reviewing their Codes of Practice for the first time since 2016. It is an 18-month process which will see the new Codes launched in 2024 and to begin with, the SSSC are seeking feedback as to what the revised Codes could say and how they could look. Currently, and up until the end of October, the SSSC are encouraging services to undertake ‘Codes Conversations' with staff to find out their thoughts and feedback to the SSSC.

SOSCN decided to participate in this process and recently held two online conversations with member services. Over the two sessions there were about 40 participants, with the conversations lasting no longer than an hour each time. We used the resources and format suggested on the Codes Conversation page which also included 3 prompt questions and an introductory video. In addition to the SSSC's three questions, we asked three of our own to gauge how and if, the Codes are currently used:

  • How (often) do you refer to the Codes of Practice in terms of staff development and appraisal?
  • How (often) do you use the Codes of Practice to ensure you are meeting them as an employer?
  • How do you promote the Codes of Practice to service users and other professional colleagues?

The discussions were useful not only in terms of seeing how the future Codes could be developed but also how they could be better used and promoted currently. Ideas for current use included referring to them in inductions and staff appraisals, and by relating them to job descriptions as well using them to develop documents like Staff Charters. It was also discussed how the Codes could be a useful tool to promote the professional status of the sector with parents and other colleagues, such as teachers.

We would encourage you to have your own conversations as it may help shape the future of the Codes and at the same time reconsider how you can use the Codes more meaningfully now.

Read more about the SSSC Codes of Practice Conversation:

last updated: 16/09/2022