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social media and mobile phones

Social Media Guidance

OSC services should have a comprehensive social media policy which includes discouraging staff and committee (if existing) from using facebook and similar outwith work in contacts with parents or children other than the official organisation's facebook, twitter etc.

Mobile phone use by children in the service should be limited or completely prevented. Moreover, there are legal ramifications for the service/individuals, more details of which can be found here: http://respectme.org.uk/adults/online-bullying/

Useful links for writing a social media policy:

Personal Mobile Phone Use

The purpose of a personal mobile phone policy is: to protect children & young people; protect the right of staff, volunteers and students; to protect confidentiality; to protect from abuse, from the misuse of personal mobile phones and photographic and recording equipment in the out of school care setting.

Protecting children and young people is everyone's responsibility. It is the aim of an OSC to ensure that no unauthorised images of children and young people are taken by staff, volunteers, students and visitors. Children have the right to protection from abuse and exploitation, and are entitled to be cared for in a safe environment.

Staff, parents and children all must be aware that taking photos, or filming others without written permission is not acceptable.

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