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Out of school care is not a "homework club" or extracurricular club, provided by the school. Such clubs are not "childcare" and they are not registered with the Care Inspectorate. If you want your child to attend such a club say for an hour after school, when normally they would be attending the after school service, discuss this with the service, school and your child, to work out how to enable a smooth transition for your child between the club and service.

Every service will have its own view of whether help and space to do homework will be provided. Some may consider that the time at the service is children's play and leisure time and request that children wait to do homework at home with their parents. Others might be happy for children to do homework at the service and to discuss it with their peers and staff. If you as a parent would prefer that your child waits until they can do their homework with you later on, let the service know and discuss this with your child.

If the service does provide support for homework and you are happy for your child to do homework at the service, do let the staff know about any needs for extra support your child may have, such as dyslexia (services should be informed of this anyway as some games require levels of literacy and numeracy for age ranges of children). It is always a good idea to still have a look over your child's homework and chat with them about it, as well as signing, if required, as a parent or carer, even if the work has already been done earlier at the service.

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