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Manifesto for Out of School Care in Scotland 2017

Download the Manifesto: soscn.org/bulletins/Manifesto_for_Out_of_School_Care_in_Scotland_2017.pdf

Dear colleagues,

With both local council elections next week and a general election in June all political parties in Scotland will be canvassing for your votes. This is an ideal opportunity for you to be active in promoting your out of school care services, breakfast and holiday clubs. To help you we have produced the manifesto for out of school care in Scotland.

Please use this locally and across Scotland to fight for children's rights to out of school care in Scotland.

You can offer candidates for either election or newly elected councillors/ MPs opportunities to visit your service and when they do make sure this gets local publicity and do send anything like this back to SOSCN so we can map the support you create here.

You do not get national and local policies for a cause without lobbying for it across all the political parties so every service, every parent as a role to play here to make this happen. Also use twitter and facebook to generate interest and responses. Remember right now is when all parties are looking for support so this is your chance to raise the profile of your service and out of school care across Scotland.



Twitter: Why not send a tweet to political candidates with a link to the manifesto and a request to sign up to the manifesto using #isupportOSC? It will only take 10 seconds.

Facebook: Why not post a link to the manifesto on candidates’s pages, and ask them sign up to it using #isupportOSC? If your out of school care has a facebook page and/or a website, why not include a link to that as well? Tell them about your local service.


Send an email to political candidates with a link to the manifesto, ask them some questions, invite them to your service... let them know about the importance of your service in supporting children and families locally.

#isupportOSC, do you?

Download the Manifesto: soscn.org/bulletins/Manifesto_for_Out_of_School_Care_in_Scotland_2017.pdf

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