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Update from SSSC about NPA Playwork Award

The SSSC has confirmed that they will only continue to accept NPA Playwork and Childcare award for people who started the award before the 4 June 2015 and who wish to use it to register as support worker in a day care of children service. The 4 June 2015 is the date that the NPA was removed from the lists of acceptable qualification for support workers on the SSSC website. Upon applying for registration with the SSSC, individuals who wish to use this qualification to register will be asked to provide evidence of the date they embarked on the award.

The SSSC will no longer accept the NPA Playwork and Childcare for people who embarked on this qualification after the 4 June 2015. However, these individuals will be granted additional time in which to gain an appropriate qualification, the amount of time will be decided on an individual basis and dependent on individual circumstances.

Please note that registration with the SSSC is based on an individual's job function and not on the qualification they hold. This means that upon completion of the NPA, an individual can only register with the SSSC if they become successful in gaining employment in a service that is registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

For more information on this please see this link: SSSC what does registration mean

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