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Glasgow 2018

Glasgow/Berlin World Championships 2018

Glasgow will co-host the World Championships with Berlin from 2nd August to the 12th August 2018. During these championships some of the world most inspiring and dedicated athletes will complete in Glasgow in the following sports:

After the success of the 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow, out of school care services across Scotland have the opportunity to once again promote and celebrate the importance of being fit and healthy through sport.

2018 Summer Sports Days

With just under a year to go until the games begin why not start planning out your summer sports days. Theme the sports days around the 2018 championships and inspire the next generation of athletes in sports such as cycling and gymnastics. Below are some of the simple ways to get all children and staff within your service involved in the planning of the games.

Glasgow and Berlin

Researching the host cities is a good way of starting of the games research. Finding out facts about before cities and countries and creating a wall display will engage children in the long term goal of running a sports day in the summer of 2018 themed around the world championships.

Planning the Sports Day

There are a number of things to think about when planning your sports day for example:

Equipment Ideas

Arts and Crafts

Benefits: Arts and Crafts is a great way to get children participating in an activity and learning about being physically active the same time.

Planning: Staff and children can get involved in making posters and flags that promote the various sports and countries that will be represented and played during the games. Creating a wall display with this information is a good way to motivate children to complete tasks. Staff can discuss with children their views and thoughts regarding sport which might bring up their barriers to taking part in certain sports. Staff can then work on these barriers and assist children in finding a sport that’s right for them.

Service Staff

Staff have the important role of inspiring and motivating children to take part in the planning and research of the sports day. It is important to highlight the team work required amongst all children in order to create visible display. Staff can carry out their own research on the games and take note of important information that can assist children in their own research of the games.

Glasgow 2018 World Championships Website


Staff can visit the website for more background information on the championships and the host cities.

Recap: Suggested Materials and Resources

Wall Space: Highlight the children’s work for parents and guardians to see.

Arts and Crafts Materials:

Computer Access: Children and staff can research the games and gain knowledge of the sports being played.

Sports Equipment: Remember, making your own equipment and involving children in this process involves in the preparation stage.

Remember: You may not be able to carry out all the sports that will be taking place at the games due to equipment or safety such as BMX biking and gymnastic. These sports can still be researched and promoted by posters and flags.

Remember: Not only will planning and carrying out the games inspire children to take part in physical activity but it will develop literacy, numeracy and important life skills such as planning, communication and resilience.

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