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UNCRC explained

United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 1989
children’s version

Save the Children is the the source of the child friendly wording of the Articles of the UNCRC www.savethechildren.org.uk.

The remainder of this booklet is copyright to SOSCN 2016. This is a free resource for children, parents and carers and out of school care services, however, it must not be sold, rebound repackaged or reworded. It can be copied only for the free information purposes set out here.

download a pdf version of this guide


At the Scottish Out of School Care Network, we believe in telling you about all of your rights and supporting every one of them.

We want your out of school club or holiday club to do this too. Some of the rights listed below link in with out of school care a lot!

Nearly every country in the world has agreed to the UNCRC, apart from Somalia, the United States of America and South Sudan.

The following version in child friendly words of the Articles of the Convention below has been produced by Save the Children.
Save the Children child friendly UNCRC

If you prefer seeing this in pictures, have a look at the illustrated guide on the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People (SCCYP) website.
SCCYP website

This is a really good website for you, your parents or carers, and your out of school care service to use. Here is their summary rights booklet.
SCCPY rights booklet

The Articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Articles are like promises governments have made).

More information

Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People is responsible for making sure the promises made to young people by the UN Convention are delivered. More at: www.cypcs.org.uk/

UNICEF is the United Nations agency that promotes children’s rights all over the world. More at: www.unicef.org.uk

Phone ChildLine on 08001111 for a confidential chat about any problem. Or visit www.childline.org.uk

download a pdf version of this guide


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