Most parents already observe that children learn through playing and through everyday activities and interactions with each other, their families and their environment. Children continue to learn in after school care through a wide range of physical activities indoors and outdoors, mental challenges and creative experiences; as it is different from school the learning may also be different. In many ways OSC is there to be fun, so children are not conscious that they are developing and learning- it happens naturally.

Nevertheless services can and do provide extra learning support if parents think their child needs it. If, for example, English is a second language, then some services will bring in extra resources or use staff support to help you child. Parents should not be afraid to discuss their child's needs with the service manager.

Services will have their own homework guidelines and it is important that parents follow them so that their child is able to also relax and play. The service is a social setting for children and they need to be able to participate equally and not be the only child slogging through their homework while everyone else is relaxing.

Some services also provide links to family support for learning about play, for example, or benefits parents might be entitled to receive.

last updated: 07/07/2023