codes of conduct


All staff members employed in out of school care have to be registered with the Scottish Social Services Council, unless they are already registered with another equivalent regulatory body such as the General Teaching Council.

All registrants in this workforce have to follow the Code of Practice. This Code of Practice is available in a large number of languages and format, including Braille, Makaton, BSL, Large print and easy read versions. Go here for more information: SSSC Codes of Practice

Committee or Board of Directors

If the out of school care service is a voluntary organisation they may be managed either by a committee of parents or local volunteers, or a board of directors. The organisation might be a registered charity in Scotland and/ or a company limited by guarantee. It is good practice for there to be a Code of Practice for committee members and directors of the organisation, which perhaps includes all other volunteers. This code would include acting in the interests of the organisation, being fair and impartial, declaring any prior interests, and generally conducting themselves with dignity and respect for their role. SOSCN has a model template in our publication Employer and Staff Handbook for out of school care.


As is often the case, the behaviour of a very small minority can create problems for others. SOSCN has been contacted many times by anxious out of school care and holiday services concerned with a minority of parents whose behaviour towards staff, children or volunteers on the board or committee is totally unacceptable. We therefore now advise services to include a basic code of conduct in with the parent or carer contract for the service; where such behaviour causes fear or alarm to anyone at the service then we do advise police involvement and, indeed, child protection procedures to be put in place where relevant.

last updated: 07/07/2023