Just A...

At events and training we often hear the phrase “I'm just a childcare worker...” or “I just look after children” where the use of the word ‘just' doesn't imply a valuing of the role. Out of school care workers are carers, role models, teachers, counsellors and many other roles besides who will consistently support children and families over a number of years; children and parents often say that the OSC staff are an extension to their family.

Staff working in OSC (and other daycare of children services) must now be registered with and regulated by the Scottish Social Services Council and managers must be qualified to degree-level. However, it is perhaps not surprising that some workers do not recognise their worth as we believe they are merely reflecting the low value that society places on childcare workers. SOSCN (alongside other national partner organisations) campaigns to raise the profile of childcare in general, and in particular, seek wider professional recognition for the workforce.

last updated: 07/07/2023