All new children attending an out of school care service should be supported in their transition into the service, this may be as a new primary one, or a child who has moved school either at the start of term or partially through it. Children need to feel safe and comfortable, and be able to trust the staff- so the induction process is one really of reassurance.

If possible, prior to starting the service, children could have short visits as “Getting to know you” or “Settling-in” days where older children can act as buddies and show children around the service and tell them of the activities that are available etc. To make a child feel welcome a service might also make a welcome certificate and provide a children's handbook with written information and photographs/illustrations of the service. Remember it is always useful for people to have written information so that they can refer to it.


New staff members must also undergo induction which will include learning about the policies and procedures of the organisation.

last updated: 07/07/2023