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NHS Scotland - Child Poverty, Health and Wellbeing E-Learning Module

NHS Scotland have launched just launched the Child Poverty, Health and Wellbeing E-Learning Module.

Learners can access the module by following the URL link https://elearning.healthscotland.com/course/view.php?id=523 and self-enrolling onto Health Scotland's Virtual Learning Environment.

The learning resource aims to raise awareness of the plight of young peoples' poverty issues in Scotland, and the impact poverty has on their health and wellbeing. It reflects key messages on health inequalities, making it a relevant topic.

Initially developed for health visitors and midwives, the new module is relevant for all workers across health, social care, education and the public sector who are in contact with families with children at work.

Overall, the module has been designed to cover the following key LEARNING OUTCOMES:

  • Describe what child poverty is and what causes it
  • Outline how child poverty is defined and measured in Scotland
  • Explain how poverty impacts children and young people's health & wellbeing
  • Promote individuals' reflection of their roles in reducing the impact of child poverty on health and wellbeing

The eLearning resource will be part of a suite of learning with the second phase of the project concentrating on developing interactive audio/visual case studies which will illustrate important dimensions of child poverty to help support further learning.

To measure the impact of the learning on practice, they are including an evaluation approach to look at how learners are applying the learning in their work. If you would like to be involved please remember to tick the box when you complete the evaluation form at the end of the module to agree to take part and be contacted. This will consist of completing a questionnaire and participating in a short telephone interview around January to February 2017.

To find out more please visit this link: https://elearning.healthscotland.com/course/view.php?id=523

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